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What I offer


General woodturning

When woodturning I make various items ranging from bowls, pens, pendants, vases, lamps and the list goes on, I will always have a go! I do not like making the same items over and over, so I may make similar but I doubt you will see two of the same. These items can be purchased from the online store or markets and fairs I attend.


Something bespoke for you

I strive to deliver tailor-made, unique creations, so if you have any weird and wonderful ideas you would like me to have a go at making please get in touch!. Delivering my work on time is a priority, as long as the wood plays ball and I'm in good health of course. I will keep you updated with my progress, and should there be any issues you will be made aware. I also provide progress photos of any commission work to make sure that you are totally happy with your order. So if you'd like to submit a special order, or have any questions, please get in touch with me today.


Just me in a Jar 

So I ended up with a number of jars following a lid making project and from there came my scene jars. I make these either to order or if an idea comes into mind and I have the supplies I get making. Sometimes they will include turned wooden items, such as the table and lamp etc in the living room jar, and other times hand made or recycled items. These are normally finished with USB LED fairy lights that are contained within, and a fixed wooden lid.


Something flat

I have recently made myself a a couple of tables and some live edge shelves and would be happy to take commissions on larger pieces like these. I am planning another 2 tables that I have the wood for, 1 may include a resin lake, so watch this space.

Pyrography and Engraving

Pyrography and Engraving

I can also personalise Items by using my pyrography machine or engraving them with my Dremel. I did get a little carried away with me pyrography when I was unable to get into the workshop for a while and started doing Animal portraits. I have also recently got into etching on glass, there are a few of my pieces for sale in the shop, there will be animal tumbers to follow!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Bespoke Woodturned items in Lincolnshire. If you're having a bespoke item made I will send you progress photos to make sure that it is exactly as you would like.

I pride myself on the highest quality finish, whether is be a bespoke item or something already in stock.

As wood is a natural material is can warp and crack due to changes in temperature, environment etc. If the piece I am selling had a crack during the turning process or warping prior to sale it will be listed as such, if this happens once it arrives with you and you are not happy with it, please contact me and I can find a way to resolve any issues.

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