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I have been making coffee/side tables for about a year now, it all started with a piece of wood the my late father had left me. It was a huge slab that had sat in his garden for years and then my garden, until I eventually decided to cut it up. It naturally split into 2 pieces, so I made clocks, bowls etc for family members and the other piece I decided to make into a long side table for my snug. I really enjoyed making this, I can sit sanding on the days my brain isn't functioning quite right, plus its very therapeutic. Like most things I do, 1 thing lead to another and another and now I'm making unusual coffee and side tables ( I haven't the room for anything bigger I'm afraid) with hairpin legs.


The 5p!!! Well, it all started with a coffee and coaster table (my first resin table). Whilst using my router to make the holes for the coasters I slipped, leaving a small 5p shaped hole at the side of the coaster. With the table being quite thin I didn't want to re level it, so I thought "5p" and so I put a 5p in the hole and every resin table I have made since has a 5p hidden in it, including a coffee bean table, river light table, river fish table, and I will continue to put them in as my trade mark.


I can make these tables to order. The one shown in the picture has already found its forever home. I only took it to 1 craft fair and it told straght away, the customer had it delivered so I managed to display it all day, it got quite a lot of attention and numerous people said they were not surprised it sold so quickly.

This example is made from flamed beach which had a massive void in it. As soon as I saw the wood, the vision of a river table came to me. My first bench had fish in it, but they were stickers, which I didn't like, although again the bench gets a lot of attention. So for this table I found some resin cast fish.


I start the process by cleaing up the wood, then thickness plane it, sand it and then seal it. Once the wood has been sealed I put a temp base under the void, I added then a thin coat of resin around the void and over the base. When this has set I start adding layers of stone and sand around the sides and start adding fake plants and fish. I put a thin layer of resin over the void and contents, I then repeat the process until I am happy with the amount of fish and plants, giving it a 3d effect, having them on different level. I then do a final layer which covers the void completely, this takes a number of days to cure. Once fully cured I add a flood coat of resin to the whole table so that it is completey covered in resin. This may take another coat after, depends on the results of that specific pour.

So as you can see there is a lot of time, love and passion which goes into a piece like this.

I would love to make anther table like this, maybe slightly bigger, this 1 is only 31" long and at the widest 18" and 18" high.

I can use different height legs and different colour, this will be discussed when the order is taken.

I sold this table for £400, the price of making another, this will all depend on size, type of wood used, legs wanted, amout of resin used and items to be included in the resin.


If you would like a funky table like this, please give me a call or message and we can start planning your bespoke table.


Rough Shipping or delivery costs will be calculated when order is placed.

stunning made to order fish river coffee tables with the elusive 5p

tables like this are likey to take about 8 weeks to make, but i will keep you up to date with progress photos
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