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Floating Wizard led lamp, Yew wood, Table lamp, home decor, gift, kids' gift, lovers gift Epoxy Resin, hand turned on the lathe. 

I am fairly new to resin work, however I have been crafting with wood for a few years now, mainly wood turning. This is mainly a hobby for me, keeping me busy and out of trouble, and seems to have become an obsession. I am so happy to be able to share my work and crazy ideas with other people. I love to be able to use mixed media to produce some amazing and unusual hybrid pieces. I have started a range of figures or items cast in resin, and most if not all will include wood in some form and LED Lights. 

This lamp is small but will be a talking point. The 
wizard is a metal figurine and has been set on a piece of yew wood, and looks as if he is floating. The yew has been painted black and then coated with chameleon powder and gives a green/blue shimmer. Once set it has been cast in layers of clear resin, this has then been cured over a number of days. Once fully cured I turn the lamp to the shape I desire on the lathe, before sanding and polishing it. So as you can see this is quite a labour intensive process and you can certainly see my passion and love for the pieces I produce. 

As I say this is a small lamp, it is about 4 ¾" (10cm) heigh including the light base, and approximately 3 ” wide (7.5 cm). I can place this lamp on a simple white led base or a colour changing led base as shown in the video, I use LED lights that are already mounted within the bases (I don’t do the electrics). Either of these bases run from a USB Type-C cable which is 8” 100cm long. Extension cables are available to buy should this not be long enough for your requirements. 

Every lamp I make is different, I will make similar items, however I do not replicate exactly. I can make lamps similar to this to suit any theme, so feel free to message me for more information.

*Please note that this is the actual item you will receive. Should you wish to have something of your own choice you will need to message me. All measurements are approximate.
All items if posted will be packaged in recycled and biodegradable packaging where possible. Collection is preferred as this item if fragile.

Floating Wizard resin lamp

light base
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