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This is a one of a kind coffee bean coffee table, including the elusive 5p.


I have been making coffee/side tables for about a year now, it all started with a piece of wood the my late father had left me. It was a huge slab that had sat in his garden for years and then my garden, until I eventually decided to cut it up. It naturally split into 2 pieces, so I made clocks, bowls etc for family members and the other piece I decided to make into a long side table for my snug. I really enjoyed making this, I can sit sanding on the days my brain isn't functioning quite right, plus its very therapeutic. Like most things I do, 1 thing lead to another and another and now I'm making unusual coffee and side tables ( I haven't the room for anything bigger I'm afraid) with hairpin legs.

The 5p!!! Well, it all started with a coffee and coaster table (my first resin table). Whilst using my router to make the holes for the coasters I slipped, leaving a small 5p shaped hole at the side of the coaster. With the table being quite thin I didn't want to re level it, so I thought "5p" and so I put a 5p in the hole and every resin table I have made since has a 5p hidden in it, including coffee bean table, river light table, river fish table, and I will continue to put them in as my trade mark.


This table happened by accident, whilst mixing coffee beans with resin for another table (the same project as the 5p incident)  I mixed far too many, so I grabbed a pre formed mold and poured them in it. I had to add quite a lot more of resin and coffee beans mix, letting it cure each pour, but eventually I filled the mold. The table wasn't very deep (think it may have been a large tray mold I'd used) so I built a fake side up around the table and added extra layers of beans and resin, and once I was happy with the depth I let it cure completey, which takes a number of days. I then did a couple of flood coats to make sure it is fully encased and has a smooth level finish.


As you can see this is quite a lenghty process and shows the love and passion which has been put into this table.

I have added 4 black 3 pin legs to this table and the have been secured with glue and resin, so not likey to come out again! The table measures -23" long. 14" wide and 18" tall.

I'm not 100% sure re delivery or shipping this is something I will have to work out when I know where the table is going. I will keep costs as low as possible.



Coffee Bean and resin coffee table

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