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2021 saw my new workshop arrive in the garden, it is 12ft by 8ft, and is on the garden we pinched from the driveway the previous year. I started making items, intially for friends and family and then to sell, not to make a profit, but to support my rather expensive hobby.

A brief history

Following a difficult year 2018/19, in my life, the loss of my dad Keith Lott, then being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, then being medically retired, I found I couldn't do a lot of things that I used to be able to do, luckily for me I appear to have developed a creative side. After watching an upcycle programme where they turned an antique brass blowtorch into a wall light, I thought hey I could do that. So I purchased 2 brass blowtorches, started cleaning them up and realised a new rotary tool was needed. Once purchased I began playing and engraving, everyone got coasters thqt year for Christmas (I cringe at them now)




The ironic thing is both my Grandpa and Dad used to turn wood, to which I didn't pay much attention at the time, I now wish more than anything that I could show them my new passion, I also wish I hadn't help dad sell all of his woodworking tools including his Myford lathe, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I started working from a 7x7ft second hand summer house in the corner of the garden, which suffered in greatly in the winter, with the majority of second hand tools including my beloved Axminster lathe.

Later that year I attended the Lincolnshire Association of Woodturners (  open day and guess what I thought hey I can do that. So during the first Covid 19 lockdown 2020 I purchased my first lathe and watched a lot of YouTube videos and taught myself to turn wood. This was shortly followed by help from new Facebook turning friends. This is where my love of wood comes from. I'm sure 1 day I will finish the blowtorch lamps I started out making which are still blowtorch although slightly cleaner, in the bottom draw of my workshop.


I have successfully been selling from my facebook page, local farmers market and craft fairs. This year I will also be venturing into the larger town country shows and artisan markets, as well as a few craft fairs and farmers markets

I am now on lathe number 5 (I'm supposed to be selling 3), still Axminster and I'm excited to be launching my website, I am still only me, and I intend to predominantly, make what I like to make and if someone wants to buy it, that's a bonus, and I will also take on a small number commission pieces.

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